Contract Recruitment

In todays world a flexible workforce where you have the ability to scale up or down depending on demand is essential. Our role is to enable our customers to have that flexibility giving them the competitive advantage.

Contract recruiting and outsource employment is our specialism, we have been building successful teams for our customers since the business was established.

Our recruiting and operational teams are adept at working to tight deadlines as well as working hand in hand with our customers months in advance to prepare their manpower plan. We always ensure projects and campaigns are staffed accordingly with all personnel paid on time.

Outsource Employment and Associated Services

As a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) we offer a multitude of support services to compliment the core service of Outsource Employment. All delivered by our highly experienced team.

Flexibility is key and today more companies are choosing to engage their workforce in a hybrid manner, be it dedicated and on-site, on a remote/work from home basis, or a blend of the two.


  • We can recruit a person for you, or employ your employee or nominated individual to perform the role you require.
  • We provide a compliant payroll, including taxation social contributions as well as an employment contract which meets local employment regulations.
  • We become the Employer of Record in the location where your employee is assigned or for remote workers, where your employee resides.
  • You continue to have a traditional working relationship with the employee.
  • We can utilise technology to electronically capture the time the employee has been engaged each month.


  • Time and labour saving for your HR and support departments. This arrangement allows your staff to focus on your core business function and let us do the heavy lifting of HR administration.
  • Cost saving, utilise our network of suppliers to save cost on procuring services or products linked to employment.
  • Efficiency, save your work permit/employment pass quota for your core staff members.
  • Knowledge, take advantage of our experience to meet employment law, and fiscal compliance.


From an initial consultation and review of your plans we can assist with pre-mobilization and other support. Pick from a range of optional services:

  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Cross cultural training and Orientation
  • Accommodation and transport
  • Compliant Tax solutions
  • On time payroll

Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment search methodology and capability is centred on targeting both passive and active candidate markets to enable our clients to hire the best possible candidates directly.

Our years of industry specific experience means that you’ll be working with a recruitment organisation that understands your business in addition to the specific requirements that your vacant positions needs, be it technical competence, leadership or behavioral traits.

Our Contingent model is based on our cultured internal database and network of people in the industries we serve. The contingent mapping and search process can be something we carry out frequently for industries we commonly serve or it could be something entirely new. As a customer you can be assured of a bespoke search to ensure you are presented with the best resources in the market.

From our consultation at first contact we will assess your needs, and in some cases we may recommend a deeper search is required. In those cases you can elect to use our Retained service model.

Retained search is often only used to fill senior management/executive level positions, but increasingly we are seeing customers choose this service to perform a confidential search for in-demand talent. Our search consultants are trained in headhunting techniques to attract passive talent as well as high profile performers at your competitors. This means our expert consultants are able to access the best possible talent for your business and then fully assess and match these candidates to your specific requirements.

To ensure we fully engage with your culture and ethos, we will appoint an experienced dedicated member of our team who will lead the assignment. This starts with a comprehensive discussion with you and your stakeholders to set the strategy from identification, matching, attraction and qualification through to presentation of candidates. This service will be delivered, measured and managed against a defined and agreed service level providing you with control and visibility over our delivery.

Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS) / Talent Acquisition Service (TAS)

We offer a transparent efficient solution for growing businesses, our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model embeds trained recruitment professionals into your team to speed up the process of identifying, attracting and onboarding the best talent in the market. Additionally our team can draft job descriptions and adverts, perform structured interviews, and take the candidate through the whole onboarding journey if required.

This flexible service enables business owners, entrepreneurs and HR departments to focus on fulfilling their business vision and save costs.

The monthly fee is tailored to your specific needs of where you want the service to start and stop.

We have a demonstrable track record of delivery in RaaS/TAS and all assignments are measured with structured KPIs and a mutual service level agreement (SLA)